Your Gallery

Your Gallery

Please select as many photos as you wish from the selection below. Only first few photos are already edited so that you can see how the final photos will look like. Photos may be selected by pointing at the photo and selecting the white check mark icon. Selected photos have green check mark icons in the top right corners. If you want to unselect the photo, you can point at that photo and select the white minus icon.

Your package includes 2 photos. Please not that in the summary section below black-and-white and color versions of the same photo are counted only as ONE.

Every extra photo (above the number of photos included in your package) costs 15 EUR. For each 10 extra photos, you will get 2 more for free. For example, when selecting 12 extra photos, you are paying only 10, or when selecting 25 extra photos, you are paying only 21).
You can check all the selected photos in the “Selected” section below.  Once you are finished, please click the “Notify Veru” button at the end of the page. I will send you the finished selected photos within 4-6 weeks after you did the selection and made the payment for the extra pictures (if any).
Thank you!
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© 2021 Veru Knap Photography. All rights reserved.

© 2021 Veru Knap Photography. 

All rights reserved.